We made it JUST before the deadline!

Today has been UNREAL!!!!  (ごめんなさい、今日のメッセージは英語です。m(_ _)m  ) 

Thank you so so so much to the incredibly generous  200+ supporters who have helped me reach the minimum (AND stretch) goal for the album TEN kickstarter campaign!  (Here's the link if…


Thank you SOOO MUCH for your support on kickstarter the last few weeks!!  (日本語は下部にあります) 

If you haven't seen my kickstarter page yet this is the link >> bit.ly/kat-ten 

We are already at 37% of the minimum goal thanks…

Today is the day!!

Japanese message is below* 

I launched my kickstarter campaign for my 10 year anniversary album "TEN" this morning!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

The first few hours and days is pretty crucial in getting your support, because if kickstarter see a…


O Holy Night feat. Megan Lee

Link to video is here 

Thank you so much to the beautiful and talented Megan Lee for singing one of my favorite Christmas songs with me!!

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New Christmas Song tomorrow!

Hi Team!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! 

I hope you are having a great December! 

Look out for an e-mail from me tomorrow as I am releasing an Original Christmas song tomorrow and then another Classic Christmas song…

Japan shows!

I am excited to announce I have two shows in Japan this Summer!  One in Kokura and one in Tokyo!
Tickets are very limited and will probably sell out so make sure you get in quick!  



New Music Video "Human"

This was a special collaboration with the Socratica Channel!!  Please go and check out our music lesson on their page after watching this video!

New Music Video "Break free"

This was a special collaboration with all the amazing creators at the Youtube Next Up Creators Camp!!!