Kat McDowell Japan Tour Final @ Artist Lounge

Taylor Guitars Artist Lounge, CubicM B1F 1-53-11 Honcho Shibuya-ku. 151-0071 , Tokyo

2019年TOKYO SHOW #2!  OPEN 2:30PM START 3:00PM  バーは会場にあります、フードは持ち込みOKです!

Ticket: 予約(reserved tickets) 3500円+1Drink
当日(door)4000円+1Drink 京王線初台駅北口から徒歩3分

This is a beautiful intimate venue surrounded by guitars and I know we will have a blast!! there will be a bar at the venue serving drinks and you are welcome to bring in your own food. Tickets are limited so please make sure to book ASAP before it sells out!