Kintsugi Virtual Workshop with Kat (July 24th 12pm PST)

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Kat is doing a special introductory offer for her 3 hour online Kintsugi workshops (max of 10 ppl). Included is:

  • A Kintsugi Kit with:
  • Unique Modern Japan Lacquer made from Cashew Nut (safer and faster drying than traditional lacquer made from poison sumac)
  • Japanese Dental Epoxy (putty)
  • Bronze powder
  • Kintsugi booklet by Kintsugi Master Kunio Nakamura
  • Super Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Two kinds of sand paper
  • A shell palatte for the lacquer
  • A special gift from Kat

What you will need to provide:

  • Paint thinner (nail polish remover, turpenoid, or alcahol for cleaning can work)
  • rags or tissues to clean
  • News paper or a surface to work on that can get dirty
  • Something that is broken or chipped (for first timers, we recommend something that is not too shattered. A chip or small crack will be perfect )
  • masking tape (that is not too strong)

Kits are valued at $100 and can mend approximately 20 small pieces of broken pottery. free shipping in the US ($15 surcharge for international shipping)

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