You can learn Kintsugi with Kat

 The art-form that will not only transform your broken things, but transform your life.

The first Online workshop will be Saturday 5th June at 9:30am Pacific Time

 Discover Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese artform that can not only bring your precious broken objects back to life but can also be deeply therapeutic, changing your life and the way you see yourself and the world.

Kat McDowell is a Kintsugi Academy certified teacher who teaches a modern approach to Kintsugi using a new Urushi (lacquer) made of cashew that is much safer and faster drying than traditional Kintsugi.

Her 3 hour workshops will walk you through step by step taking your broken piece of pottery and transforming it in to a new unique piece of art that tells a story only YOU can tell.

Spaces are limited and it will be best to sign up at least 3 weeks in advance for people outside of the United States to ship you the kit in time.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to Kat using the contact form below.


*If the current workshop sells out or you want to wait for In person workshops in Los Angeles you can sign up for the waiting list below.

How many items can you mend with this kit?

This Kintsugi Kit will have enough putty to mend 10-20 small ceramic pieces, and the lacquer will be enough to mend at least 30-40 small small pieces.

Book a slot for the next workshop through purchasing the kit below.

Kintsugi kit and Virtual workshop with Kat (June 5th)

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$395.00 Save 25.32%!

Kat is doing a special introductory offer for her 3 hour online Kintsugi workshops (max of 10 ppl). Included is:

  • A Kintsugi Kit with:
  • Unique Modern Japan Lacquer made from Cashew Nut (safer and faster drying than traditional lacquer made from poison sumac)
  • Japanese Dental Epoxy (putty)
  • Bronze powder
  • Kintsugi booklet by Kintsugi Master Kunio Nakamura
  • Super Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Two kinds of sand paper
  • A shell palatte for the lacquer
  • A special gift from Kat

What you will need to provide:

  • Paint thinner (nail polish remover, turpenoid, or alcahol for cleaning can work)
  • rags or tissues to clean
  • News paper or a surface to work on that can get dirty
  • Something that is broken or chipped (for first timers, we recommend something that is not too shattered. A chip or small crack will be perfect )
  • masking tape (that is not too strong)

Kits are valued at $100 and can mend approximately 20 small pieces of broken pottery. free shipping in the US ($15 surcharge for international shipping)

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