1. Break free

From the recording You and me

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Break free

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Break free
Words and Music

So we’re in a crowd of people
So? I thought you didn’t care
I thought you said the world was yours?

Why are your hands stuck together?
Why can’t you look me in the eye?
Why are you eyes on the floor?
Why won’t you come and

*Break free, break free So come and join me
Dancing Dancing like no one’s watching
Sing out sing out cause no ones listening tonight
But you and I

Step out just a little further
Step back like you did before
The pace you set, and the world is yours

Free when we can just forget them
Free because we’re blind to all complexity
Who really cares?
So why don’t you come and



*Chorus x 2

You and I
You and I
You and I
But you and I